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Dear All,

The 9th meeting of “VCL-France Business Club” (commonly called VCLFrance) in PARIS gathered 85 participants of 96 booked, despite : some unforeseen constraints for some people who apologized in the final hours, the Easter holidays and at less than 48 hours of the first of French presidential elections round.

About twenty people who were unable to book because of the chosen date and who still bother to send friendly messages of encouragement to the organizers of the meeting.

The animation of this meeting was provided by Gisèle GENDRON.

The reception was provided by: Tiane-Bopha LY et Prasong Cuong KHAM.

The person in charge the logistical organization was : Sourivong CHAREUNPHOL.

Some speakers have also given a helping hand just before and during the evening to ensure proper preparation and the 9th meeting goes smoothly.

Grace to the dedication of all these people, the evening was successful and appreciated.


Like previous meetings, this one took place in a relaxed and totally occupied space by all participants who were open-minded, enthusiastic and friendly, despite some shortcomings that have been due to, for example, agencement of the dining room inappropriate for projections of slides and noises from electronic speakers incorrectly set.

The authenticity of the spontaneous atmosphere, the friendliness and the freedom from direct exchanges between the participants in any professional friendship has been really established:

• During a complete hour of trade “face to face” to meet for the first time and / or to meet again other participants in the time-sharing appetizers and champagne in one hand,

• And for sharing the communion meal at one of 9 reserved tables and that, with the possibility of further exchanges with the same or other partners, in the other hand.

Some participants were already in previous meetings. others participated for the first time to this type of meeting.

The event began at 19:00 and ended around midnight.

The various presentations by the speakers were presented according as planned :

In addition to these shows, Mr. Vu Quang Kinh, Retired and Former Director of Studies of the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research), also took the time to speak about Club “Cultures & Recreation VF”, that he currently leads. This Significant number of retired people from various professional bodies elite of France with European and Asian origins are members of this Club.

He was appealing for sharing information in view to a potential collaboration with partners in Vietnam for a project to clean up pesticides in soil.


Photos of the meeting were taken by some participants.

They were collected, compiled and posted by Sourivong Chareunphol.

They are visible from the following link:


It is understood that the personal photos will be took off from publication when a participant makes a request under the strict respect to his image rights and his freedom.


I- OUR « VCL – FRANCE Business Club »

According to the announcement made at the 8th meeting of 25/11/11 (,”VCL - France Business Club” has established a legal entity under French law of 1901 since the Constituent Assembly the 8th of March.

Present at the 9th evening meeting:

* President of “VCL-France Business Club” (VCLFrance): Hay TEA

* First Vice President: Sourivong CHAREUNPHOL

* General Secretary: Julie NGUYÊN

* Head of “Public Relations & Development” : Bertrand de KERSABIEC

* Treasurer : KHAM Prasong Cuong

* Executive Board Member: Julie Duverge, Head of the Commission “IT & Consulting”

* Executive Board Member: Pascal LÊ DAI, Head of the Commission “Law & Business”


The Secretary-General “VCL-France Business Club” (commonly called VCLFrance) announced to the participants the following key information:

* Effective establishment of three committees:

- Sports & Business - Responsible : Bertrand de KERSABIEC

- Law & Business - Responsible : Pascal LE DAI

- IT & Consulting - Responsible : Julie Duverge

* Next establishment of two other committees:

- Micro-Credit & Fundraising

- Education & Training

* Establishment of other committees is not excluded

* The cross professional activities or projects are managed by the Secretary General
* The cross cultural activities or projects are supported by the Head of “Public Relations & Development.”

She also confirms to the participants that Members of the Executive Board will meet to take decisions on the items and will be communicate to members of “VCLFrance”.

These first points are:

* Diagram of Operation General VCLFrance

* Designation of regional delegates (France, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos) and geographic (regions of these four countries)

* Why do I better be a Adherent ? What will I receive and what am I committed to?

* Modality of the organization of meetings, dinners

* Other events / projects reserved for Members and Adherents

* Amount of annual fee for an individual and a corporation to become a Member-Adherent.

The main communication channel between the “VCLFrance” and members of “VCLFrance” remains hubs created on Viadeo and LinkedIn, pending the create of a complementary website and newletters specific to the Association for its Members-Adherents.

In this regard, the official website of “VCL-France Business Club” is :

The President of VCLFrance recalled before the meeting that the key success factors of “VCL-France Business Club” can’t be measured by the effects of advertisements with no future or by the performance of stunts, but by the seriousness and credibility of its Adherents.

It begins by model role of those who assume different functions representing VCLFrance one hand, then by the need to give “time to time” and “duration to the realization of common implementation” in order to fully appreciate the quality of interpersonal and professional relationships between the Adherents in the other hand.

Thus, the goal in the first year is not to have a large number of Memberships, but rather to recruit members likely to be leader and Professionals (knowledge, skills and behavior) who can animate the various Commissions and Projects and carry out other functions of the “VCL - France Business Club” at 3 levels : central, regional and local.

The President “VCL-France Business Club” plans to conduct three projects to serve its Members-Adherents.

These are currently undergoing feasibility studies and will be confirmed or not the outcome of these studies:

* The organization of Business Travels to discover different entrepreneurs and opportunities in Vietnam and Cambodia (Go/NoGo in late May for the start of 4Q)

* Seminar concerning a few topics on Business Law in France for the European and Asian entrepreneurs (Go/NoGo in September)

* Forum “Real Estate & Tourism and Culture” associated with Basketball Championship at the Palace of Sports “Marcel Cerdan” in Levallois-Perret for Vietnamese companies (Go/NoGo in October).


The legal entity’s “VCL - France Business Club” objectives are to facilitate economic and social exchanges between France (with the European Union), and three French-speaking countries in Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos):

* Be a multidisciplinary and intergenerational platform

* Establish an anchor and a connecting bridge for “Professional people between these 4
* Participate and contribute to actions of communication, collaboration and cooperation.

The VCLFrance entity will also intend to:

* Take initiatives to develop the outreach of the Association for the benefit of its Adherents

* Organize the periodic meetings “Seminars - Conferences” and themed visits professional
and multicultural

* Develop relationships with organizations and companies of the Council and services in the
countries concerned

* Assist and be the support of the Members “before, during and after” critical steps of its
actions in one of the countries concerned.


The 85 participants are made:

* Business men (most participants) who are active in France and Vietnam

* The Senior executives and managers of French companies which have had successful experiences in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam

* The former and current Presidents of associations or clubs: AVLE, Culture & Entertainment VF, UGVF,….

* University professors, scientists, lawyer and high-level consultants in France

* Some young students ITIN presented the project “CloudViet” with their teacher to the participants

* The Commercial Counselor of the Embassy of Vietnam in France and 2 Deputies

* The Head of “Doing Business in Paris,” of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Some participants came from Lyon, Vietnam, and Cambodia, but most participants were from the Île-de-France.

Hay TEA.

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