“VCL - France Business Club” : KEY POINTS of the 8th meeting the 25st November 2011

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Dear All,

The 8th meeting of VCL Business Club PARIS gathered 84 participants.

Two members who had booked their places had been excluded from the publication of this report, for not having had the basic courtesy to notify the organizers of their absence.

The animation of this meeting was provided brilliantly by Julie Nguyen.

She was surrounded by 8 Facilitators Group “Business & Project”.

The reception was provided by: Thanh-Xuan Taraminy, Prasong Kham and Le Thi Hang.

The mentioned persons have also given a helping hand just before and during the evening to ensure proper preparation and the 8th meeting goes smoothly.

And through the dedication of all these people that the evening was successful and appreciated.


This meeting took place in a relaxed and totally space occupied by all the participants who were open-minded, enthusiastic and friendly.

All along the evening, each Facilitator Group “Business & Project” has led the discussions at their table, and answered questions from participants interested in the activity of the cluster.

Presentations by each Facilitator Group have been generally clear and informative, remaining playful, and have met well the expected objectives which were to initiate the activities of each group and link specific contacts between Members in this direction.

Between each service provided in the menu, each facilitator of the thematic Groups took the microphone to present a few minutes short summary of the activities from their group to all participants.
Groups attending this event and their facilitators were :

1. Processes, Organization & IT: Huu Canh DUONG (an outstanding lead the Group at the place of Julie who managed the animation of the evening)

2. Breeding Rabbit: Sourivong CHAREUNPHOL

3. Research Project & Investment Capital & VCL: Pokheng KHOU

4. Sustainable Development: Michele BIETRIX

5. Sports & Business: Bertrand de KERSABIEC

6. VCL Media: Daniel REBOUX

7. Initial and continuing Professional Training: Huu Duc PHAM

8. Business Law & Contract: Pascal LE DAI.

The participants were able to make direct contact with the facilitator of each Group they were interested in to have more information about the objectives and how-do of that Group.

In the authenticity of the spontaneous atmosphere, the friendliness and the freedom from direct exchanges between the participants, the organizer has accepted 4 publics speaking “out program” so that everyone can talk and present their communication needs to the participants.

These were:

* Canh Nguyen Cuong, Commercial Counselor of the Embassy of Vietnam in France

* Do Duc Long, Deputy Director of the Cultural Center of Vietnam in France

* Alain Nguyen Dung, Travel Consultant (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos)

* Nguyen Minh Tri, carrying a Tourism Project.

The 8th meeting of “VCL - France Business Club” began at 19:00 and ended around midnight

The great regret of the founder of “VCL - France Business Club” is to have forgotten to propose to the Project Manager, Facilitators and Reception Team to take a common picture, on one hand, and not taking over the microphone at the end to thank them “in live” on the other hand. So, with apologies.


Photos of the meeting were taken by some participants. They were collected, compiled and posted by Sourivong Chareunphol.

They are visible from the following link: (ASAP)


It is understood that the personal photos will be took off from publication when a participant makes a request under the strict respect to his image rights and his freedom.


I- OUR “VCL - FRANCE Business Club”

The founder explains to participants the availability of contact channels, the current situation and future development of our Club.


* Evenings “VCL - France Business Club”

* Contacts and direct exchanges between members without going through anyone

* Grouping of interest through each “Business / Project”


* More than 1500 members (Viadeo and LinkedIn)

* Features Club: Opening, Agility and Reality

* Orientation at the starting of the quality of members as the number of members

* Co-optation or controlled adhesion.


* In the continuity of the success and preservation :

- Focus on the quality of the members always at the expense of quantity

- Keep the same approach for validation and co-optation of Member

- Maintain the current operating mode: Overture, Agility and Reality.

* Change :

- Take into consideration three key words in the evolution: Transparency, Prudence and Modesty

- Stop the weekly and regular press review in December 2011

- Let the initiatives for the broadcast of information shared to all Members who want to do so

- Create, qualify, develop and consolidate the different Groups for “Business / Project”

- Let the facilitators Groups make vertical communications and exchanges

- Perpetuate the French-speaking channel and develop the English-speaking channel

II- CONCLUSION OF STUDY OF OPPORTUNITY (announced at the 6th meeting) AND CONSULTATION FOR THE FOUNDATION of the “Entrepreneurs & Managers & Consultants Club (EMC ²) FRANCE – VCL)

After realizing research opportunities for 7 months for the build or not of a Select Top Club and met high quality persons approached to become the President, the founder of “VCL - France Business Club” has concluded in front of the participants :

• It would better be appropriate to initiate a more solid structure under the 1901 Act, in addition to the current “VCL Business Club” called “VCL – FRANCE Business Club”, and representing members who need cross-professional and legal support in the intensive development of business in one or more of the 4 countries (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and France);

• To create a Select Top Club in terms of advantages and disadvantages resulting from period of study opportunities and especially socio-economic situation and that, particularly in the four countries.
Hence, the foundation from the beginning of 2012, a “VCL - FRANCE Business Club” by himself and a few co-founders.

This professional and multicultural Association will be administered by a Board of Directors, declared and registered under the legislation and what to adopt a personality and legal capacity, as defined in 1901 Act.

And during the first term, the Founder of the “VCL Business Club” today probably assumes the Functions of President of this legal entity.

The legal entity’s objectives are to facilitate economic and social exchanges between France (with the European Union), and three francophone countries in Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos):

• Be a multidisciplinary and intergenerational platform

• Establish an anchor and a connecting bridge for “Professional people between these 4 countries”

• Participate and contribute to actions of communication, collaboration and cooperation

The associative entity will also intend to:

• Take initiatives to develop the outreach of the Association for the benefit of its Members

• Organize the periodic meetings “Seminars - Conferences” and themed visits professional and multicultural

• Develop relationships with organizations and companies of the Council and services in the countries concerned

• Assist and be the support of the Members “before, during and after” critical steps of its actions in one of the countries concerned.

The goal in the first year is not to have a large number of Memberships, but rather to recruit members likely to be leader and Professionals (knowledge, skills and behavior) who can animate the various Business Groups (or Field of Professional Activity) and carry out other functions of the Association at 3 levels : central, regional and local.


The 84 participants are made:

• Business men (most participants) who were active in France and / or Vietnam and Cambodia

• A great entrepreneur and former French-Vietnamese, Chevalier of the Legion of Honor of the French Republic and Medalist High Congratulations Prime Minister of Vietnam and his wife

• The Senior executives and managers of French companies which have had successful experiences in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam

• The former and current Presidents of associations or clubs: AVLE, Culture & Entertainment VF, Sacré-Coeur, UGVF, X-Vietnam, Alliance Internationale,….

• University professors, scientists and high-level consultants in France

• Some young talents looking for opportunities to realize their projects in one of the country’s VCL.

• His Excellency, the Ambassador of Vietnam to UNESCO is headquartered in Paris

• The Commercial Counselor of the Embassy of Vietnam in France and its Attached

• The Counselor of the Embassy of Vietnam in France

• The Director of the Cultural Center of Vietnam in France and his deputy

• The Head of “Doing Business in Paris,” of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Some participants came from Lyon, Nice, Alsace, Vietnam, and Cambodia, but most participants were from the Île-de-France.

Hay TEA.

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