“VCL Business Club” : KEY POINTS of the 6th meeting of 15/04/2011 in PARIS

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Hello All,

The 6th meeting of VCL Business Club PARIS gathered 99 participants  over105 registered people registered and 12 more  were on the waiting list.

2 members registered and confirmed their attendance at this event, but did not even have the basic courtesy to notify the organizers of their absence. Therefore, the founder of “VCL Business Club” has decided to discharge these 2 members upon the publication of these minutes.

The project manager of this meeting is Michèle BIETRIX and the person in charge of the festive evening is Sourivong CHARUENPHOL and this, with 5 other participants who were volunteered to  give a hand before and during the evening to ensure proper preparation and friendly  course of evening.

They are: VU Thi Giang, Thuân PHAM-BUDIN, LÊ Thi Hang, Prasong KHAM and NGUYÊN Hoai Tuong.

It is through the devotion of these 7 persons  that the evening was successful.

This meeting took place in an fully occupied area by all participants who were open-minded, enthusiastic, with more participants  a better organization than before . However,the space is not responding to good condition and hospitality comfort for so many participants and this reality  will be reflected in the process of continuous improvement for future meetings.

The authenticity of the spontaneous atmosphere, the friendliness and the freedom from direct exchanges between the participants in any professional friendship has been established:

* During a good hour of “face to face” discussions to discover and / or rediscover in the time-sharing appetizers and champagne in one hand,

*  And  during sharing the communion meal at one of 10 tables reserved for 10 persons per table and that, with the possibility of further exchanges with the same or other partners, in the other hand.

The 6th meeting of VCL Business Club PARIS began at 19:00 and ended around midnight.

Photos of the meeting were taken by some participants. They were collected, compiled and posted by Sourivong Chareunphol.

They are visible from the following link:


It is understood that  the personal photos will be withdrawn from publication when a participant makes a request under the strict respect to his image rights and his freedom.




1. Sharing views to all participants:

The 8 themes included in the initial program were presented respectively by ;

*  Anh LENOIR (Entrepreneur)

*   HA Duong Duc (Entrepreneur),

*  Jean Michel MONDORY (Entrepreneur),

*  Pascal LÊ DAI (Business Lawyer),

*  Irmgard FRANCOIS (Head of Service « Doing Business in Paris » Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris),

*    PHAM Xuân Yên (Economic Adviser and Head of Trade Office, Embassy of RSVN in France),

*  Thang DAO (Entrepreneur)

*  Hay TEA (Associate Director).

4 other participants also spoke to share there current concerns to all participants as a launch of  there ideas or questions: Julie Nguyên (Associate Director), Nguyên Minh Tri (Project Manager), Nguyên Hoang (Project Manager) et Sourivong Chareunphol (Business Director).

Finally, the international singer “HUONG THANH” and her husband were exceptionally offered as a gift for the 2nd Anniversary of “VCL Business Club” and participants, some of his wonderful songs, now on sale at FNAC.



The 99 participants are made ??:

        *  The  Business men (most participants) who were active in France and / or Vietnam

        *  The Senior executives and  managers of French companies which have had successful experiences in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

        *  The Presidents of associations or clubs: UGVF, AREBCO, Cultural Center of Vietnam, Avle, Culture & Entertainment VF, Sunflower …

        *  Some foreign investors in search of partners and business networks in France

        *  Some young talents looking for opportunities to realize their projects in one of the country’s VCL

Some came from Lyon, Bordeaux, Nantes, Reims, Vietnam, Cambodia and Germany, but most participants were from the Île-de-France.



On the initiative of Thang DAO, it was decided to create a new space “Market Place” or more accurately called “START-UP” dedicated to new entrepreneurs and project leaders of enterprise.

Indeed, some of our members have good projects and good ideas to be taken, but can’t implement them, since it is not so easy to achieve alone and that this constitutes a real obstacle course to  develop its “own” business plan, business model, financing, R & D, marketing, organization, …

Thus, project leaders of enterprise will be able to showcase their projects,  present their specific needs (funding, expertise, development, …) and in return receive the feedback of members “VCL Business Club” or expressions of interest and their possible future partners .

Since some of our Members want to publish them in this topic and want to  carry them, they can  make a request to of the leaders  either to support in the preparation and the organization of meetings on one hand or to identify and mobilize within its own networks, other multidisciplinary talents and missing the other hand.

This one could  support the project promoter by acting as a “moderator” in the early meetings for  opportunities business cases  or as a “facilitator” in the presentation or the recommendation of the project leader to other members of “VCL Business Club” or other people he knows well through his current professional activities and / or  previous.

“VCL Business Club currently have four local leaders: France, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

They know very well the country where they practice, allowing members from elsewhere to be able to find points of entry and comfort when needed and this provided the link “Face to Face” can be done in healthy conditions and that “the dynamics of trust” which is the source of conductive desires are satisfied and verified between the concerned parties.


4. STUDY OF OPPORTUNITY AND CONSULTATION FOR THE FOUNDATION of the “Entrepreneurs & Managers & Consultants Club (EMC ²) FRANCE - VCL (Act 1901)

The founder of “VCL Business Club” has announced the launch of the participants opportunity studies to create the association « EMC² » under the 1901 Act.

This is a “Top Select Club” whose members, as its name suggests, are derived from three professional sources

Membership recruitment will be through co-option and recommendation of the Founding Members.

The annual subscription price will be around two thousand euros (2,000 €) for each Member.

Members will be mainly in four countries: France, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

The objectives, rationale and outline of operation will only be exposed and presented to the target (legal and natural persons) who may be interested in this project.

The operational mode will be designed, determined and declined at the end of the “consultation, confrontation and reconciliation” process of interests and requirements of the Circle of the first Founders Members of the Club.

The Club will allow its members to do business in a new context of globalization and increased cross-cultural business models where the past and the present are no longer adapted or inefficient.

The Club would also Carrefour Convergence and Synergy traditions processing business in each country and modernities in the combined cooperative advantages among entrepreneurs of the countries concerned.

In case of formation, the founder of the “VCL Business Club” will be Member- Founder of the new Club to create. And Members of the “VCL Business Club will naturally benefit from the potential impact of  « EMC² ».

The search for a personality who will have the moral qualities and credentials to be President, constitute “de facto” a guarantor of “the seal of seriousness and professionalism” of the future “ENTREPRENEURS MANAGERS & CONSULTANTS CLUB (FRANCE - VCL)” is part of integrating these studies opportunities.

The decision to “GO / NOGO” will be taken at the end of 2011.

In case of formation of the Club to be held in January 2012, his goal within two years is to regroup 100 members and that, consistent with logistical infrastructure to serve the Memberships to meet their requirements.

Hay TEA.


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